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One Girl

As well as enjoying your new products, we want to further involve you in a cause that supports and empowers women. Thanks to your vote, 5% of total revenue per annum will be directly donated to ONE GIRL

'There are many things that will prevent a girl from being educated. But when it comes down to it the truth is millions of girls are prevented from going to school simply because they were born a girl.'

Did you know that almost half of girls living in Sierra Leone are illiterate? And that 44% of girls are made to be married before they turn 18, some even dropping out of school because of early or forced pregnancies.

With your help, we can change this!



One Girl provide scholarships to pay for school fees, school supplies and uniforms. Additionally, they provide emotional support for the girls they fund through their schooling years, because living in poverty, being sold off to marry and their home lives could inhibit they way they perform at school. There are currently 425 girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone with scholarships and 80 graduates to date. 


A lack of toilet facilities have been linked to girls being absent from school, particularly when they have their periods. This program involves improving school facilities for both boys and girls to attend with comfort and hygienic practices.


Allowing girls in rural community’s access to sanitary pads in an effort to keep them healthy, in school and working towards their future.

Did you know most women living Sierra Leone don’t have a hygienic practice when it comes to their period? Yep, they resort to sponges and cloths. Additionally, they are restricted from daily washing because of the bacteria in the water. So some girls decide to skip school (up to 12 weeks) because they are too afraid to go out in public. They are unable to use a Lena or Diva cup because around 90% of them have undergone Female Genital Cutting (FGC) at some stage and find it extremely painful to insert anything.

Launchpad gives access to disposable, biodegradable sanitary pads within the community. In addition, the profits raised through selling these pads go towards raising awareness and educating girls and women about the importance of genital hygiene (especially during their periods).


There aren't many opportunities for girls to receive employment even if they have finished school. Business brains exposes them to the world of small business by earning their own income and feeling empowered too. They are also educated about their rights and sexual/ reproductive health sot htey can make informed decisions about their body.