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The stories of women creating success and a strong sense of self.

From her recent appearance on The Voice Australia to her passion for PR and marketing, she has an infectious passion for chasing every single dream. We had a chat with her about pursuing multiple paths, the lessons she’s learnt along the way, and how she looks at success going into the future.

Back in 2012, after studying illustration and frequenting craft markets, Julie decided to showcase her vintage and designer clothes, illustrations and hand-made jewellery.

The jewellery was a weekly hit, and so Kelly also joined in selling her hand-made candles.

The native Australian plant genus ‘Hakea’ is known for its rare and diverse beauty coupled with extreme resilience. These are qualities that swimwear designer and Hakea Swim founder Casey Eastwell describes as being the essence of the woman befitting her brand.

Tessa’s high quality products are made from natural and organic fabrics that reflect her values of slow and ethical fashion. Through meeting Tessa and listening to her story, we learnt about the journey to creating the brand and how to she maintains her aesthetic with a sustainable practice.




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