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Back in 2012, after studying illustration and frequenting craft markets, Julie decided to showcase her vintage and designer clothes, illustrations and hand-made jewellery. The jewellery was a weekly hit, and so Kelly also joined in selling her hand-made candles.

Inspiration runs deeply for Julie, who finds vision through not only ‘nature, architecture and beautiful blooms’, but through her graphic design course and delving deeply into the resources of design history. Business-wise, the ‘unique business approach’ of both jewellery designer Lucy Folk and fashion label Alpha60 are highly influential, particularly in how they have cultivated ‘such a community and following’. With a wealth of resources available, Julie cites 99U, which offers resources for the creative career, Creative Bloq, an inspiration hub, and Creative Market, a ready-to-use content design source, as some of her go-to’s for browsing and buying. On Instagram, she regularly keeps up with A Friend of Mine, The Souvenir Society, Milligram Store, Faris Jewellery, Lisa Says Gah and Brrch Floral – a diverse treasure trove of colour and product inspiration.


Running their own business has meant needing to be ‘on’ all the time. Sleeping in on a Sunday is a little glimpse of self-care that Julie counts on. Making sure their processes ‘are always updating and adapting to change’ takes a lot of effort, but Julie exclaims the process is both ‘exciting and exhausting!’ Social media has certainly added positively to this effort, particularly with the reach that Facebook advertising now offers.

Setting goals for customer feedback is also an important benchmark, with Julie hoping that Aacute customers believe the brand to be reliable and affordable, with excellent customer service and communication.
Julie’s tricks for staying productive include a variety of podcasts, yoga and meditation. She also says that ‘working towards achievable goals in finance/sales and design development’ help. Otherwise, maintaining perspective helps her through the harder days. In thinking of her pre-Aacute-self, Julie has offered three invaluable pieces of advice –

1. ‘Keep your day job so you’re not just “selling” to make a living’
2. But ‘don’t just wait for the big jobs either’
3. ‘Cultivate and value all your customers and develop good relationships’

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Written By Rebecca Costanzo

Published August 18 2020



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