Project Body Hair

''Grow it, get rid of it or comb it. It’s your hair, after all.’ 

FINALLY, the world’s first razor brand that actually celebrates body hair! Well we all know that no one woman can be completely hairless, yet this is something the beauty industries marketing has led us to believe what is expected.

The brand highlights the importance of doing whatever you choose to  do with you hair. Forget models gliding razors over already bare legs, Billie is shattering societal expectations of women bodies with an artistic display of self love and confidence.

After looking through 100 years worth of razor/ hair removal advertisements, Billie noticed that the beautiful and realistic version of a woman shaving was non existent. Billie’s newest campaign ‘Project Body Hair’ is a celebration of hair and hairless women showing us that whatever your choose to do with you hair, it is neither shameful or wrong. Accompanying the video are powerful and nostalgically themed images taken by photographer Ashley Armitage


'If and when you feel like shaving, we’re here.'

All of Billies products are pink tax rebate free (the extra cost females are charged for sanitary items) and are made available at the same price point as males razors. Additionally, they donate 1% of total revenue to ‘Every Mother Counts’ – an organisation aiming to make childbirth a breeze for all mothers and babies.

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Written By Olivia

Published July 3 2018



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