Ethics and Sustainability


As well as focusing on creating prints that celebrate our individuality, we are also extremely passionate about implementing ethical and sustainable practices. In fact, we aim to be 100% sustainable, where everything purchased from the packaging to products can be re-used or recycled. Some of our practices include:


Print to order

Our online items are made to order to eliminate overproduction and any waste materials, giving you the ability to personalise the print and garment colour so you can enjoy your item forever. Once you have placed an order, we print your item and ship it to you on either of our shipping days.



We meticulously and carefully scout our products. Made by a healthy, of working age employee that is payed the minimum wage+ and in some instances receives health benefits from the company. This is an important part of the process that we are always looking to improve.



Our screen-printing process is completed manually and does away with machinery. Once printed we always save leftover pigment for the next print and our screens are then washed in tubs rather than running a sink or hose and put out in the sun to dry. The pigments we use are water based with no nasty chemicals in them, so we can safely wash it away.



Your order is wrapped in fine tissue paper and placed in a 100% recyclable poly satchel (the address sticker is also recyclable). We ship our products twice a week - Friday & Tuesday (unless stated otherwise) to limit our carbon footprint with delivery.


If you have any questions or just want to find out more, click here to ask us.




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