Organic underwear made to empower women

All women will know the many realities of being a female. Body hair, stretch marks, cat calling and an equally voiced opinion.

Aiming to transform the meaning of sexy, LÖV the Label wants you to feel empowered whilst achieving your goals and living the life you aspire to (with comfort and confidence). As an independent underwear brand it can be difficult entering a saturated market, but with a strong point of difference and a positive concept, LÖV is growing organically with Maike’s genuine love for garment quality and craftsmanship.

LÖV started out of the need to create something that would be more than just a product.- “I worked many years in the fashion industry as a model and struggled all my teenage years with body issues and insecurities. I know first hand how damaging it is.”

'I used my personal experience to create safe space for women'

The name you ask? It means leaf in Swedish, somewhat surprising considering her Spanish origins. Although Maike explains, it “unifies the idea of a simple design and the first underwear if history: the leaf that covered Adam and Eve … it also doesn’t hurt that it looks like a European version of LOVE, which is precisely what we want it to be.”


On the topic of creative contentment, Maike says that “after a job as well paid and admired as modelling it was hard to find something that I could do with satisfaction. I searched for something with a bigger purpose.” So she used her personal experience to create safe space for women. LÖV’s video interview project LÖVYOURSELF is a big part of that. It showcases talks from all kinds of women asking about their personal experiences on being a Female- “hopefully we can make other girls feel less alone by being transparent with what it really means to be a woman.”

The photographs are raw and unedited and utilise the whole of a woman’s

body to create interesting shapes. It is inspiring to see such a forward thinking creative enter a market that is commonly focused on unrealistic body standards and discomfort for the soul purpose of making money.

“I honestly I just want women to feel comfortable in my underwear. Like they are not wearing any underwear at all. I hate feeling confined in something and whilst we are trying to pursue our dreams, we don’t have time to feel insecure about a boob popping out from our bra or a thong showing through at a meeting.”

You can find the first collection by LÖV the Label online here or on instagram here

Written By Olivia 

Published July 16 2017

Maike decided on underwear because she wanted to challenge the perspective of body image and also encourage others to practice self acceptance.- “One can hide the least amount of body with underwear.”

Although she now lives and runs her label in Austria, Maike grew up in Spain and is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean.- “LÖV is simple, earthy and nature bound.”

The colours are a melody of muted, earthy tones that enhance the natural philosophy of the label.- “It is Henna like the sand in Africa, it is Blue, like the sky and Green like the trees and forest that surround us.” All fabrics have nontoxic dye and are OEKO-TEX Certified (site) so LÖV can trace the organic cotton from the beginning to end and treat and pay everyone in the process fairly.



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