Illustrating the bits and shapes we're told to hide

I was grant the privilege of getting to know the creative mind behind ‘Pink Bits’- an Instagram account devoted to female empowerment. Twenty-three year old graphic designer Christine, was born and bred on the northern beaches of Sydney. She loves sushi hates mornings and admires her mother because she is “strong as fuck”.

What started as a rainy night doodle back in October of 2016, blossomed into something with great conceptual substance. Christine admits that she “wasn’t consciously thinking” about female diversity when she drew a curvy woman, however soon realised her drawings would benefit the lives of others. Christine now wants to create an online store to sell the work seen on Pink Bits.

Using copic markers and some photoshop editing, Christine’s artworks are “not too crunchy but texturally enough” and take only an hour to complete. This gives her the ability to share her works daily and accept commissions requested by loyal followers and admirers.

'Art can always have

more diversity'

When I asked what advice she would give to someone who is lacking a little self empowerment , Christine admits that it’s a little hard to answer this as it is “such a personal thing and something so specific” to each individual as it is so complex. But “I am happy you have made it to my page if you are not feeling the best about yourself” says Christine, who believes that her works provide a sense of therapy to others and not just herself. “Social media has the power to make us feel really crap, really fast” and “being super tangible” when dealing with our negativity and angst is a great attitude to have.“Taking mental approaches more than physical ones” can be a better idea and remembering “you are a soul, but you have a body” too.

Christine captures body positivity in a beautiful, cute and realistic fashion and I want everyone to be able to view this gorgeous movement as we have at No Normal Girls.

Thank you to Christina for her time.

If you would like to see more of Pink Bits, visit her instagram @pink_bits

Written By Olivia

Published April 24 2017



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