Get on the naked pot craze for your next plant

You may have noticed some very interesting vessels popping up lately thanks to creative ceramists. Because of the ever transforming social standards of the world, we (female identifying) are slaying the social stigma attached to boobs and vaginas claiming to be taboo.

Here are an assortment of independent makers from all over the globe who engage in this shared practice. Although influenced by the same concept, each artist has a truly original craftsmanship and we are excited to get to share some of their stories with you.


‘In many ways I think I worship the body and I want others to also.’

Molly Horton: Minneapolis, MN, USA


Molly was questioned early on in her practice of ceramics when her teacher at the time told her she made masculine pottery.  Not quite certain how to take those words, she was left feeling annoyed,‘ What does that mean? What if I AM masculine? What was this implying?’. Molly decided to combine her masculine forms with boobs and she ‘fell in love with the display of breasts in a non-sexual way.’

She opened up her online shop in 2016 with an already large admiration for her work. ‘Although I do sell my art, pottery feels much more like therapy to me than a job. It gives me satisfaction to create and express my experience in a tangible way … the repetition and monotony of the practice quiets my brain’

It’s astonishing to think that mugs with breasts on them are acceptable on social media whilst the real deal is reported by trolls and forced to be taken down. ‘I hope that people see boobs and talk about them. Bodies are beautiful, amazing, works of art. I love the idea of boobs in the public sphere and no one caring about them. Part of me hopes nobody notices them.’ Molly is one of the many creatives who are slowly introducing boobs in a soft and comfortable manor as to familiarise the general public with it’s display.

visit Molly’s site  here  and on instagram @mollyhortonpottery

Flora in the Garden (Anne- Fleur Kan): Utrecht, Netherlands


Anne- Fleur has always been addicted to collecting ceramics and actually owned around 100 cups, saucers, tea sets and mugs all at once. ‘And at a point I started thinking: Maybe I should try and make them myself.’ It took roughly 3 years to actually happen and when she eventually go around to it, she knew it was how she wanted to spend her time.
Through her practice she noticed a connection with making shapes in varieties and her own history with body image. ‘Having just recovered from an eating disorder it helped me be more body positive towards myself in a really soft and playful way. I also really hope my girls impact the lives of other women (and men). I am also curious to know if people choose a girl that reminds them of their own body.’

Anne- Fleur describes her girls as a clumsy, gentleness that reminds one that they are beautiful – like a ceramic girl gang

Strongly comparing clay turning to yoga, Anne- Fleur says it’s her meditation but with dirty hands. ‘When I feel sad, insecure, angry or tired, I always feel better after working with clay. You have to be focused and mindful, if your thoughts are elsewhere the clay will take over and do whatever it wants. I really need it to make me feel balanced between all the other stuff I do.’

Anne- Fleur’s site here and instagram @florainthegarden

Alice Lang: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

visit her site here and on instagram @alicemlang

Group Partner (Isaac Nichols): Brooklyn, NY, USA

visit their site here and instagram @grouppartner




Two Bits & Co: San Diego, CA, USA

visit their site here and instagram @twobitsco

You Me & Bones (Waan Pivasiri): Melbourne, VIC, Australia

visit Waan’s site here and instagram @youmeandbones

Written By Olivia

Published July 1 2017



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