Supporting social change one drink at a time

Having a crisp cider and chatting about sexual consent or sipping a pale ale and facing the reality of climate change aren’t necessarily things that would pair well, but Sarah and Agi of SPARKKE are two Aussie brewers that are encouraging us to ask these q’s with the aid of a good brew.

Sarah is a political and environmental activist that loves her wine and Agi, a true master at brewing.

Two women creating incredible beer and actually using it to take purposeful action. Cop that beer industry!

Although fresh on the scene, SPARKKE understands what we as customers believe in and find most important because they believe in it too! Being an inclusive and progressive alcohol company, SPARKKE encourages everyone to get involved and be heard. (We would much rather choose a ‘NIPPLES ARE NIPPLES’ Hard Lemonade over the money making beer monsters mediocre brew any day!)

Written By Olivia

Published May 1 2018

The more we talk the more awareness we raise, perspective we gain and action we take.

P.S Each product supports a different cause for conversation. Along with a downloadable fact sheet to the direct cause, 10% of sales are donated to the foundation chosen.

You can find SPARKKE products, values, causes and more …. here



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