Being YOU is the definition of beauty and confidence

On Saturday the 2nd of December at 2pm, an army of diversely powerful women stripped down to their underwear and bravely took on both the New York weather and a very confused audience. The lingerie fashion show that was organised over a quick four days by American body positive activist and model Khrystyana Kazakova (who also walked in the show) Bumped shoulders with the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The Real Catwalk aimed to crush beauty standards associated with VS models… and you bet your silhouette it did just that and more.  The show undoubtedly attracted global attention, mostly positive with a hint of negative (as if!) and reinforced the idea of being yourself, or as we like put it – there is no normal.

Here are plenty of snaps from the show to satisfy your body positive, self loving appetites. Lets hope next year’s VS Show will get the memo…

Images via instagram: @khrystyana

Written By Olivia

Published December 6 2017



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