Jewelry handmade in Melbourne

It’s difficult for Rihannon to define her work in a few short words (which she decides are distinctive, refined and restrained), but she unknowingly allows her aesthetic to shine through with her personality. Her hand made jewellery is pure, feminine and raw & a direct reflection of how she describes her process’/ inspirations.

Two Hills was born whilst Rihannon was in her final year of TAFE. She had a few false starts at a creative business (like most of us do) and eventually refined her practice to fine rings. Two Hills blossomed into a delicate body of work that it’s now known for today.


Something that has kept Two Hills unique from other minimalist jewellery brands is it’s focus on being locally made, ethically sourced and using sustainable practices… YAY!

When it comes to the reality of running Two Hills as a company Rihannon says “having a small creative business is a constant emotional and mental rollercoaster, yet there is a small section of time after I’ve made something new, something that excites me, which gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Sadly those moments tend to fade quite quickly but it’s powerful enough to keep me coming back for more.”

Unfortunately an all too true reality when seeking new inspiration and a fresh perspective on you art.

Although Rihannon may only find temporary content within her work, our excitement is ever lasting. Her hand made aesthetic provides a completley new form with each product and call us crazy but we believe there are some distinct faces and side portraits  to be found! Interestingly, Rihannon says that she leaves it up to the viewers to decide what they find through her work (definitely faces).

It has been  difficult for Rihannon to disconnect herself from her baby when others are  truthfully judgmental, especially when they don’t really grasp how much patience, love and physical labor has been driven into that tiny piece of metal; So it’s refreshing to hear Rihannon doesn’t pay much attention to this anymore- “People will take what they want from the work that I do and there is no way for me to control or influence that.” – (jot that down in your head)

'After I've made something new, something that excites me, which gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction.'

Reflecting on the feminine, Rihannon has many women in her life to thank for support and inspiration. “Some honourable mentions would be Roua Tzidras, (owner of Monk House Design) her work ethic and kind nature has been a constant inspiration to me. Ellie King (from Rittle and Coco Store) whose humour and give-no-fucks attitude has been a refreshing balance to my general anxiety … to my collection of close friends who have seen me through all the tears and triumphs that work/life throw at you and of course my most beautiful mother who will never cease to be the biggest inspiration to me.”

We are excited and curious to see what the future holds for Two Hills and Rihannon as a designer. Thank you for letting us take a peek inside your beautiful process.

You can find all Two Hills products online here

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Written By Olivia

Published Feburary 4 2018



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