Illustrations and creations by Amy Marsh

A mindless doodle Amy Marsh drew on the back of an envelope for a customer, transformed an entertaining thought into her fabulous ‘running lady’ a year later. The unique silhouette is great on its own but when Amy tells me she was gifted a scroll saw for Christmas and cut her line work into plywood, Running Lady comes to life in the form of an object that is more interactive.

Hailing from a little landlocked town in regional Victoria, a 17-year-old Casey couldn’t wait to get her taste of city life. She attended university in Melbourne, but after a ‘long and wonderful stint in the city’ was ready for a sea change. ‘I now call Byron [Bay] home and feel so lucky to be surrounded by nature, waves and a really inspiring community’.


The Manchester (UK) based maker enjoys transforming her drawings into 3D objects that come in the form of prints, ceramics, pins and wooden wall hangings. Each piece has it’s own little personality and invites you to interact with it’s witty relatability

'I try to make work that is lighthearted and I think this comes across as I have a lot of

fun making it.'

‘I love what I do and I feel very lucky that other people enjoy it too. I find making physical pieces very satisfying, to be able to hold something I’ve made in my hands gives me a good feeling. My job combines all my favourite things; drawing, woodwork, ceramics and more, so to produce products that people can own from those activities brings me a lot of joy!


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Amy’s practice allows for an expansive range of ways to work her designs. This explains why once she has an initial design, she sticks to it and tends not to over think things, trusting her gut (a skill many of us creatives could benefit from).

It’s refreshing to hear that Amy doesn’t over trial ideas unlike what is generally assumed. She prefers to take influence from people and places ‘Japan mostly’ which we agree is better than any visual reference. It definitely explains her pastel palette and hero colour – pink. ‘probably too pink’ according to Amy but we totally disagree.

Her process…

‘My wall hangings will start off from a sheet of plywood that I collect from B&Q on the bus. I’ll then cut it out on my saw, sand down the edges and paint it, all by hand. Each Running Lady gets at least 5 coats of paint and is checked before being sent off.
An enamel pin starts in my sketchbook, I’ll scan it into my computer and finish it digitally to be sent off for manufacturing.
I love the variation of my job that I can paint at my desk and draw on my computer. I find the mix of the two therapeutic and it means my days aren’t tedious.’

Written By Olivia

Published Janurary 11 2018



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